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When not hauling junk I volunteer at the Humane Society and wanted to show you a few of my favorite dogs.

cardi 2.jpg

From Me: I take Cardi with me to work 2 or 3 days a week and outside of the shelter she is a very sweet and well behaved girl. She rides great with me in the truck and waits patiently for her lovings while I'm working. On break she loves hanging out with the guys and is ready to play, cuddle, or even wrestle. Whatever makes her humans happy is Cardi's favorite pastime.

From the shelter: Hi I'm Cardi. Looking for a fun loving, energetic canine companion that loves to just goof around? Well I'm the pup for you! I'm so excited to see you and play, that I tend to get in others personal space. My education has been a little lacking, but if you're ready to teach, I'm ready to learn. With time and patience, I can show you just how smart I could be! Because of my energy and lack of understanding of personal space, I would like to go to a home with adults only or with kids in their teens. I'm also in need of a home with a fenced yard rather than an apartment. I would also like to meet any resident dogs to make sure it's a perfect match. CLICK HERE for more info about cardi

baby main.JPG

My name is Pretty Baby. I'm a friendly, goofy gal that loves being around people. I love playing with toys almost as much as I love romping around in a yard. I'm not always wild though - in staff offices, I like to curl up in my bed and sleep. I really just want a lap to snuggle up on though.
My previous owners said that I was an escape artist so it is recommended my new home has a 6 foot fence, but it is more important that my family keeps an eye on me while outside. I am not suitable for an apartment, and I'll need a home where I'm the only pet - no cats or other dogs! I would like a home with no children under the age of 12 because I can get pretty rowdy and like to herd kids when they run. I'll need to meet any children in the home to make sure it's a perfect match! CLICK HERE for more information about Baby.


bruno (7).jpg

Meet Bruno, gentle playmate and lap dog extraordinaire. Bruno has become a beloved favorite of staff and volunteers here at NHS. He loves to play but nothing beats a good cuddle session in between a walk or a nice spring hike. Since he doesn’t know his size, he is best suited for a family with children closer to their teens. Bruno is eager to learn all the new tricks the kids are doing these days and already has a strong understanding of the classics. He has mastered sit, down, and loves to show off his crawl. He is working on stay and walks wonderfully on a leash. He is motivated to learn which makes him the perfect dog for any family looking for an easy to train housemate. He is very excited when people visit him in his kennel but meets new people with a gentlemanly sit. Speaking of meeting new people, Bruno would need to meet any children and dogs in the home to make sure he is the perfect match.

bruno (8).jpg
bruno (3).png


For info how to adopt Bruno click here to visit the Humane Society's website.

hercules 02.JPG

From the Humane Society: Hi I'm Hercules! Looking for a fun loving, energetic canine companion that loves to just goof around? Well I'm the pup for you! I might look tough, but I'm just a big loving goofball. And I'm pretty smart, too. I know sit, down, shake, stay, and come, and I'm currently working on roll over and heel! If you want to continue my training after adoption, the sky is the limit on what I can learn. And training at the shelter is half price with my adoption!

Because I sometimes don't realize how big I am, I will need a home where any children are closer to their teens. I need to meet any children and resident dogs to make sure it's a perfect match! I am able to jump a 4 foot fence and would prefer a home with a 6 foot fence and will need to be supervised at all times when outside.

From me: I've spent a lot of time with Hercules and can tell you he's a big, lovable, goof ball. And pretty smart to. He knows sit, down, stay, come here, and leave it. Yep, he really does come when he's called and stay when you tell him to. You can set tasty treat right in front of him and tell him to "leave it" and he will! I'm currently teaching him how to wave bye-bye and heel. 

For info how to adopt Hercules click here to visit the Humane Society's website.


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