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Barn Removal Service Barn Removal Company Omaha | A1 Junk Removal and Tree Trimming 

Looking for a barn removal service or barn removal company in Omaha? A1 Junk Removal and Tree Trimming offers barn removal barn disposal junk barn haul away service in Omaha Nebraska. Call us now for free estimates or schedule a barn demolition or barn lumber haul away online today! We are a small business bringing history to the people in the form of deconstructing old barns and repurposing the product.

A1 Junk Removal and Tree Trimming - BARN REMOVAL

A1 Junk Removal and Tree Trimming offers barn removal & barn dismantling services in Omaha and throughout Nebraska. A1 Junk Removal and Tree Trimming methodology enables century old structures to be reclaimed, restored, and rebuilt anywhere in the world.

We carefully tag each piece and using xxth century restoration materials turn an xxx0's barn in need of TLC into a fully restored timber frame ready to stand tall for another xx0 years as a home, chalet, summer cabin, hunting lodge, residence, or commercial building.

A1 Junk Removal and Tree Trimming takes pride in being able to dismantle any barn in the Omaha and throughout Nebraska in less than x weeks; x week is the typical for a common x0xx0 xxth century barn frame, dismantling barns is our business.


Barns, sheds and pretty much anything that can help you with extra storage around the house is great. They are versatile and can be used to your benefit in many different ways. The problem is barns don’t last forever. They all have an expiration date, and if yours is old and unusable, it just becomes an eye sore rather than an benefit. What do you do with an old junk barn?

If you have an old junk barn that you no longer want, the answer is to just get rid of it. Trying to fix it, or keep it just so that you don’t have to mess with it will just cause more and more headaches. So do yourself a favor and have that old barn removed. How do you get rid of an old barn you ask?

The answer to getting rid of your old junk barn is simple. A1 Junk Removal and Tree Trimming Junk Removal Crew. A1 Junk Removal and Tree Trimming will manage all of you barn removal and demolition needs. From beginning to end, we’ll take care of everything. We make sure that you don’t have to lift a finger during the barn removal process, and don’t worry, we can haul away any of the junk that’s INSIDE the barn as well ??

A1 Junk Removal and Tree Trimming offer barn demolition and removal all over the Nebraska. No matter where you are, we’ll travel to you. We service Omaha, Bellevue, Papillion, Elkhorn, Blair Nebraska or Council Bluffs Iowa and more cities being added all the time. You name it, we’ll be there!

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Having your old junk barn demolished and removed by A1 Junk Removal and Tree Trimming is such a simple process. So simple that sometimes it feels like you don’t do enough, but that’s the point, we want our customers to enjoy every second of the process.

First step in the process of having your old barn removed from your home is to pick up the phone and give us a call at A1 Junk Removal and Tree Trimming. We will set up a time that works best around your schedule, for us to come out and take a look at the barn and offer you a free, up-front estimate on what it’ll take have to it demolished and removed.

A1 Junk Removal and Tree Trimming Junk Removal Crew always comes prepared and ready to work as well. This way if you like the price of the free estimate you receive, A1 Junk Removal and Tree Trimming will go ahead and get to work on your barn demolition and removal right then and there.

Don’t worry about lifting a finger either, A1 Junk Removal and Tree Trimming will take care of all the work. We do all the heavy lifting, loading, tearing down and removal. All you have to do is sit back, relax and watch as your old junk barn disappears.


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Barn Dismantling
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