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Piano Removal

When you no longer have any use for your piano, it can be very challenging to remove it from your home. Pianos are large and heavy, which can be dangerous to try and haul away on your own. You might be okay with hauling out an old chair or even a table or two, but piano removals are beyond most people's capabilities.

Pianos can require regular upkeep like re-tuning and they can take up space you might need, especially if they've sat unused for a long time. But you may be hesitant about just "getting rid" of it since it may have been in the family for years. Or perhaps you made the investment in a piano years hoping to learn to play. Whatever the reason for having one, it can be hard decision.

But piano removal itself can prove to be even harder! Moving one around isn't easy and getting it out of a room can be challenging. You can possibly call piano movers, but these companies don’t usually dispose of them.

Maybe your piano isn't fit to sell or even give away. Maybe it's seen it's last sonata and getting re-tuned isn't gong to fix it. If that's the case, getting rid of it is that much more problematic. That is, unless you know of someone who specializes in piano removals.

A1 Junk Removal does. And whether it's working or not, we can quickly and easily have your old piece removed, loaded and hauled away. 

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