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Brick Block and Concrete Removal

Omaha concrete haul away services: Need an old driveway removed? Or an entire foundation? Concrete removal requires an experienced, well equipped team to ensure proper handling and no damage to surrounding areas. A1 Junk Removal has you covered! Satisfaction guaranteed! Concrete and asphalt removal; multiple removal processes allow us to handle ANY concrete removal job.


At A1 Junk Removal we're dedicated to providing safe, environmentally-responsible construction clean up services. That's why we're the experts when it comes to recycling concrete, scrap metal, drywall, and wood. After all, we recycled before it was cool.


If you're dealing with are modeling project that involves foundation work, chances are you'll have to dispose of unwanted concrete. There is a slight difference in price for concrete removal as it's not charged by volume due to weight restrictions on our truck's bedload. We'll be sure to discuss this with you when we come out for your scheduled appointment.
Concrete recycling helps to reduce the environmental cost of extracting virgin aggregates such as rock and gravel. The unwanted concrete from construction sites can be re-processed into crushed stone, helping to both preserve our natural resources and reduce unnecessary waste in our landfills.

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